About Us

Mission Statement

Princeton Racing Electric (PRE) is a student organization dedicated to advancing and developing sustainable energy drive systems and efficient, high-performance vehicle design. This is done by designing, building, and racing a high-performance electric vehicle that annually competes in the International Formula Hybrid competition, organized by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and endorsed by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).  We embody the Princeton University philosophy of integrating cross-disciplinary teamwork with innovation as we strive to produce an electric vehicle that can outperform traditional fuel vehicles, forge ahead to the frontier of alternative-energy automotive research, and ultimately contribute to the transfer of this technology to the transportation industry.

About PRE

Though a student team, we strive to organize ourselves and operate as a small business. We are independently responsible for developing project management models, fundraising, procuring parts and materials, safety and regulation compliance, managing promotional events and materials such as our website and social media, adhering to rules and deadlines, and seeking professional mentorship and corporate sponsors.

To organizations seeking talented interns and employees, we proudly represent Princeton University’s premier engineering departments as well as a wide spectrum of interdisciplinary departments. Princeton Racing Electric students will showcase work ethic synergies, dedication, creativity, and excellence towards being involved in partnership with organizations whose missions also include next generation sustainable energy.